These Are Our Children

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For course in African Studies, International Studies, Social Work, Psychology

These Are Our Children is a one-hour documentary film that reveals how the devastating effects of poverty, HIV/AIDs, and violence on Kenyan children are being successfully reduced through simple and inexpensive grassroots interventions.

While These Are Our Children does not ignore the overwhelming problems Kenyan children face on a daily basis, it portrays how community schools and grass-root organizations are working to create a future in which all children can realize their dreams to be teachers, pilots, doctors, generals, and world-famous soccer players.


“A rich ethnographic film, These Are Our Children, provides a moving portrait of the challenges facing children and families in contemporary Kenya. The abstract problems of poverty, AIDS, urban migration, and corruption are rendered into tangible and keenly felt realities through the use of the personal stories of the Kenyan children who are made most vulnerable to rapidly changing social conditions. The voices of children themselves are complemented by the stories of aid workers whose own struggles to address social problems–like the growing population of Nairobi’s “street children”–make clear the difficulties of finding simple solutions to complex social dilemmas. This is an excellent addition to any film library, and will be a useful and welcome tool to facilitate broader discussions of urbanization, international development, and gender and sexuality in Africa.”
Lydia Boyd, PhD, Department of African and African American Studies, UNC-Chapel Hill

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