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Gardening for the Planet: A Documentary on Native Plant Gardening and Climate Change

The “Gardening for the Planet” documentary aims to shed light on the myriad advantages of native plant gardening. By showcasing the positive environmental impact of this practice, it hopes to inspire individuals and communities to embrace native gardening. However, the success of this project relies on funding and support from people who share a concern for our planet’s future.

Gardening for the Planet: Director Joanne Hershfield

In a world grappling with the harsh realities of climate change and eco-anxiety, the power of documentary filmmaking emerges as a beacon of hope. Enter “Gardening For the Planet,” a groundbreaking documentary project led by the visionary director Joanne Hershfield, who brings 30 years of directing experience and several acclaimed documentaries to this ambitious endeavor.

Native Plant Gardening & Its Impact on Climate Change

I’m a passionate documentary filmmaker with a deep commitment to environmental conservation. Today, I am thrilled to share with you the exciting journey I embarked on while creating my upcoming documentary, “Gardening for the Planet: How Native Plant Gardening can Improve Climate Change.”

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